Personal Goals for 2018

New Year, New Goals

The new year is coming up pretty soon, and it’s time to start thinking goals and New Year’s resolutions.

Every year for the last 5 years, I’ve set personal goals for myself and succeeded in accomplishing them. I make sure to carefully craft each goal so that I allow myself the whole year to be able to work towards that goal.

This year, I aimed to being lucrative; After paying down my debt and putting money away in to savings, I’d say that was a pretty successful year. Originally I was planning on being rich, but I’ll settle on not being in debt.


2018 – A Better Me Year

My goals for 2018 are going to be a lot different. Every year, I was focused on some small betterment of my life – or a new challenge.

2018 is going to be all about building a strong foundation for my future.

I believe in the Alpha Six lifestyle, but I don’t live it to it’s full capacity – truth is I don’t understand it fully. Throughout the new year, I am going to educate myself around all six areas and practice what I preach.

Part of the idea behind the website is that whatever I learn, I will share it. If I think it’s critical that people know something, I’ll make sure to spend an hour writing it out in a way that anybody can understand.

I know that not many people are going to be reading my articles much at the beginning, but as I continue on this journey I hope that more people join in on the discussion.

To get my website up and running – I spent no more than $5.00, so I have one year of basically free website services before I have to start shelling out real cash for this personal project.

My Goals – Outlined

To put pen to paper (theoretically) I will write out my goals here and revisit this post throughout the year to see how I’m progressing.

My exact goals for 2018 are:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally
  • Be financially strong
  • Be well presented in speaking and appearance
  • Learn something new every week
  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Enjoy life and accept failures


All six of those goals will allow me to build on the six area of the Alpha Six lifestyle. Truthfully, those should all be lifelong goals – but 2018 is going to be all about pushing myself to my limits to reach and exceed those goals.


Time to take action on my goals

Now that I’ve got those all written out it’s time to start planning on how exactly how I am going to do that. Currently I am working on some lifestyle policies that will be available to download from this website. I’m hoping to have them finished by the end of the month, so that I could start implementing them in my life and making changes so that others can use them.

Make sure to check in on my progress. I will update this page with each progress check-up that I do.


Best of luck to you, and your goals for 2018!

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